New dApp in our suite, additional chains added, Buy & burn schedule, Bridge, V3 and more!

Introducing DxMint — a verified, audited custom token creation service without any coding required.

Additional Blockchain integration

Quick update on what’s happening at DxSale.Network

The Journey — Enabling everyone without limiting anyone

with over +500 tickets resolved in a month, community growth over 10x, we are on-route to a stronger decentralized platform with v3.

Roadmap, Decision & next steps…


Understanding of the DxStake 1.5 features and limitations

DxSale Meme Token Frenzy

Feature of DxStake 1.5

DxSale becomes the first decentralized launchpad and token service on Polygon/Matic with its third integration.

We are officially LIVE on Matic/Polygon!

DxSale becomes the first decentralized launchpad and locker on the Matic Network! check our!

Next Steps

Retrospective — What has been done?

  • DxLocker integration on ETH & BSC network
  • DxLaunch integrated with BSC network — becoming the first decentralized Launchpad and Locker in the market
  • banner updates and UI tweaks.
  • Multiple AMAs across telegram has begun and will continue!

Launch dates of platform upgrade to onboard Matic Network

We are locking over $1M value in our token locker today!

DxLock is a cross-chain decentralized token & LP locker, currently available for ETH & BSC.

Liquidity wallet (0xff2f36a06c1467d20a22e4776e1b66123d77276d):

  • Containing 7.18M SALE Tokens
  • Wallet used to provide liquidity for listing agreements with exchanges such as Hotbit, Bilaxy and anything else in the future.

Team Wallet (0x4cdb52563c2c3fcdf37fca7911899a24f0b01325):

  • Containing 5.808M SALE Tokens
  • Team tokens for paying employees and monthly benefits or services to freelancers, marketers, AMAs, competition.

Private Investor Wallet (0x1a92b27768922b883c31309916fbfef1498cc79f):

  • Containing 5.0M SALE Tokens
  • Seed Investors in the private sale of DxSale.

Future Funding (0xd2628cf4eb8e24c56cc244f7435bf3e4a76c7554):

  • Containing 30.0M SALE Tokens (Already locked until November 2021)
  • Half of these will be burned upon unlock and rest will be locked for an extended period of time based on market dynamics.
  • As…

Transcript of a conversation between Reno & Hash

Lets start off with a brief description of what is DxSale and what makes it superior or different than other Launchpads? I believe you are also the only Launchpad focusing on BSC coins, as well?

DxSale - Building Crypto Venture Capital ecosystem

Decentralized Token Management Platform as a Service

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