August 26th marks the 1 year anniversary of DxSale’s official launch. Through the ups and downs, we are very thankful to our community for supporting us as we aim to build the most advanced decentralized token management platform.

To celebrate the occasion, we have new features, marketing, LP balancing, partnership announcements and much much more throughout the lifecycle of V3. As many of you know, we aren’t a big bang delivery team, we build in iterations and V3 is no exception, v3 is a rollout release encompassing 5 deployments across the next couple of month.

V 3.0 Overview

This upgrade will see major…

Focus on Native Token SALE across multiple networks

In May, DxSale announced an alteration to its tokenomics model to a buy and burn model to ensure the Native Token, SALE gets the proper attention it needed without slowing down the development team. Our strategy is to continue to find areas of opportunity to utilize SALE token in other parts of the ecosystem, as well as other ecosystem through partnerships. v3 is the beginning of this strategy to further grow out the ecosystem and bring utility to SALE token simultaneously. Even through bad market, the tokenomics of SALE has been resilient, we expect this to continue for 2021.


Introducing DxMint — a verified, audited custom token creation service without any coding required.

DxMint is our response to reduce presales not able to finalize & fraudulent token contracts being created and used on our open, decentralized launchpad. Every token minted using DxMint will also get a verified checkmark on our launchpad to notify contributors. Please note, you will still need to DYOR as the intentions of a token creator is always unknown. DxMint will get regular updates along with our other dApps and are available to all networks.

Additional Blockchain integration

In our vision to be chain agnostic and provide end-to-end services, we are now supporting Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, xDai for all our dApps

Quick update on what’s happening at DxSale.Network

The Journey — Enabling everyone without limiting anyone

with over +500 tickets resolved in a month, community growth over 10x, we are on-route to a stronger decentralized platform with v3.

Having no barriers to invest or create on our launchpad has created an influx of volume on our platform. Time of writing, roughly 1500~ have been created; some are successful, failures and scams. This is exactly what we’ve signed up for as a technical challenge to continuously improve our protocol to lower the amount of scams, without limiting anyone to the Dx ecosystem. The next version of our dApps (Launchpad, Locker) will address production challenges that we are…

We will be using 1 million SALE token from our liquidity token wallet to generate an IDO for PancakeSwap to provide users of BSC to trade $SALE tokens!

Roadmap, Decision & next steps…


Due to the enormous volume we’ve been receiving on BSC side, DxSale team was overwhelmed with the amount of support that we needed to provide and features needed to build to automate and address concerns of the community. In doing so, the BSC Bridge that we were to work on, was de-prioritized.

However, we will still be going ahead with our plans to bring SALE token to BSC an IDO. We have…

DxSale Meme Token Frenzy

DxSale standard and defi launchpad is seeing a burst of colorful meme tokens as well as few utility tokens. The cryptocurrency DeFi community has banded together to raise capital for their tokens over the last 1.5 weeks. We have even seen tokens launched on DxSale that went above 200 million dollar marketcap!

Feature of DxStake 1.5

As part of our original whitepaper, the goal of DxStake was to be an infinite yield staking system. Infinite because it will grow in yield as more features are enabled on the launchpad.

DxStake 1.0 was focused on building a simple stake/unstake method to reward users from the…

Dxstake.v1 will reward SALE stakers with 50% of all revenue earned irrespective of chain

We are officially LIVE on Matic/Polygon!

DxSale becomes the first decentralized launchpad and locker on the Matic Network! check our!

DxSale is a platform that caters to all users, regardless of their technical acumen, to accelerate and accurately manage their venture into crypto. With each crowdsale completion, locking, liquidity & listing to a DEX are done through automation to provide assurance and reliability to investors.

We will now work with Matic/Poly to educate users about the potential of both platforms.

Next Steps

We are working through multiple priorities and are working on Zil integration, BSC bridge, governance system, UI incremental improvements, Roadmap updates and more… Follow us…

Retrospective — What has been done?

  • DxLocker integration on ETH & BSC network
  • DxLaunch integrated with BSC network — becoming the first decentralized Launchpad and Locker in the market
  • banner updates and UI tweaks.
  • Multiple AMAs across telegram has begun and will continue!

Users are now able to mint or import their ERC-20 or BEP-20 token and raise capital, lock automatically and list on Uniswap or PancakeSwap by using our DAO form in minutes. Currently, we are the first mover in building an end to end token journey platform as a service to the open market. …

Launch dates of platform upgrade to onboard Matic Network

DxSale - Building Crypto Venture Capital ecosystem

Decentralized Token Management Platform as a Service

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