SALE Token coming to BSC!

We will be using 1 million SALE token from our liquidity token wallet to generate an IDO for PancakeSwap to provide users of BSC to trade $SALE tokens!

Roadmap, Decision & next steps…


Due to the enormous volume we’ve been receiving on BSC side, DxSale team was overwhelmed with the amount of support that we needed to provide and features needed to build to automate and address concerns of the community. In doing so, the BSC Bridge that we were to work on, was de-prioritized.

However, we will still be going ahead with our plans to bring SALE token to BSC an IDO. We have yet to list it on and will make an announcement when it is active. We will also be working in parallel on a ETH-BSC Bridge as our capacity frees up from platform enhancements.

Process of SALE on BSC

  1. We will be minting our total supply that we have on the ETH.

SALE Token BSC Address: 0x97BB08BA41f033bEaac315169fc566AC9E0DAF52

2. We will send tokens to burn address equivalent to when we have minted the

Proof of burn

3. We will utilize 1.95 million SALE token for the IDO on BSC side and list on CAKE. 1 million will be provide for the presale, 95% will be locked for liquidity.

4. Remaining tokens will be locked for a month. These tokens will be used to supply our ETH-BSC Bridge contracts.

DxStake coming to BSC

We will also be bringing DxStake to BSC to allow SALE (BSC) to be used for airdrops. Rest assured, this will not impact anyone on ETH side from receiving the same rewards. More details will be shared the team is ready in the April month update.

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