Re-Locking using DxLock

We are locking over $1M value in our token locker today!

DxLock is a cross-chain decentralized token & LP locker, currently available for ETH & BSC.

Liquidity wallet (0xff2f36a06c1467d20a22e4776e1b66123d77276d):

Team Wallet (0x4cdb52563c2c3fcdf37fca7911899a24f0b01325):

Private Investor Wallet (0x1a92b27768922b883c31309916fbfef1498cc79f):

Future Funding (0xd2628cf4eb8e24c56cc244f7435bf3e4a76c7554):

Liquidity Wallet:

Team Wallet:

Private Wallet:

Tokenomics based on the new schedule:

Future Funds:

Burn Address:

Total Supply: 53,279,540 Tokens

Circulating Supply: 21,574,311

Effective Circulating Supply: 18,979,539

Effective Market Cap: ~3.5M


Decentralized Token Management Platform as a Service

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