Re-Locking using DxLock

We are locking over $1M value in our token locker today!

DxLock is a cross-chain decentralized token & LP locker, currently available for ETH & BSC.

At current time, our team is under control of the following wallets.

  • Containing 7.18M SALE Tokens
  • Wallet used to provide liquidity for listing agreements with exchanges such as Hotbit, Bilaxy and anything else in the future.
  • Containing 5.808M SALE Tokens
  • Team tokens for paying employees and monthly benefits or services to freelancers, marketers, AMAs, competition.
  • Containing 5.0M SALE Tokens
  • Seed Investors in the private sale of DxSale.
  • Containing 30.0M SALE Tokens (Already locked until November 2021)
  • Half of these will be burned upon unlock and rest will be locked for an extended period of time based on market dynamics.
  • As the price has moved significantly we have unanimously agreed to lock these tokens and increase vesting periods for their release. Private investors have also agreed to a vested release of funds. We will be locking these tokens via DxLock using the following schedule.
  • Will have a community vote to decide use of these tokens. Currently these tokens are set aside to provide liquidity to exchanges as we list with them.
  • One developing idea among the team is to use a portion of these tokens to bridge across to other chains and raise and lock liquidity.
  • 5 million tokens of the available 5.808M tokens will be locked
  • Vesting period of 2 weeks (2% per vest — 100,000 Tokens Biweekly)
    - Final date of release January 22,2023
  • 5 million tokens will be locked for an additional 6 months
  • Once these unlocked they will be locked again in a vesting schedule to be determined at time of unlock.

Tokenomics based on the new schedule:

30M tokens with a planned burn of 15,474,771 as soon as they unlock in November 2021! Will be relocked immediately with a vesting schedule based on market dynamics.

20,929,175 Tokens

89,683,486–15,474,771 (Burn from future funds) — 20,929,175(Current Burned)

53,279,540–14,525,229 (Future funds that won’t be burned) — 5,000,000 (Private funds) — 5,000,000 (Team Wallet) — [7,180,000 (Liquidity wallet — decided by community)]

21,574,311 –2,594,772

We will be carrying out the team wallet and private wallet locks on Feb 23rd along with our BSC Integration of our DxLaunch, a decentralized autonomous launchpad to PancakeSwap.

Decentralized Token Management Platform as a Service