Infinity Gainz AMA Recap

Transcript of a conversation between Reno & Hash

Lets start off with a brief description of what is DxSale and what makes it superior or different than other Launchpads? I believe you are also the only Launchpad focusing on BSC coins, as well?

Is your launchpad live?

I am curious why did you pick Matic and Zilliqa for partners? What benefits do they offer your platform?

I was going through your website and it seems the Launchpad is all set to go. Do you have any Projects interested on doing a Sale on your platform?

The Launchpad mechanics are automatic? So Anyone can manually launch their Sale on your platform without interacting with the team?

So a fully decentralized Launchpad. Can you show us a Demo of your product? Is there a video where we can see the steps a project goes through to onboard on your platform?

Good presales depend on Hype and demand. Considering the sales on your launchpad will be decentralized, how will they generate the hype Polkastarter and Falconswap IDOs for example have prestige associated with previous IDOs that have done extremely well. Why would a project choose DxSale over Polkastarter(which is a guaranteed success)?

Fair enough. What about branding associated with DxSale? I am sure your first Sale will do well. The Matic and Zilliqa Partnership definitely adds prestige to your project but how will you be the “Decentralized Polkastarter”? We are investors and we want high ROI. Can you tell us a little bit about your branding and marketing strategy?

Are you worried that projects that might as well be considered “shitcoins” or “low tier” would do a Sale on your Platform and the performance in terms of ROI could be reflected on DxSale?

Can the DxSale team kick out certain Public Sales?

What about in terms of security and rug pulls? Can DxSale stop scams since it is decentralized?

How does the DxSale team make money? How are the fees on launching on DxSale?

Did you integrate with BSC today? How will this benefit the BSC ecosystem Many projects integrate with BSC. How is DxSale leveraged by integrating with them?

So on the 23rd, BSC Public Sales can take place on the DxSale Launchpad?

Can you explain the utility of your token $SALE? What is its main function and where will the demand come for it? Why should we as investors buy & HODL $SALE?

The team is anon. How can we trust you? Have you ever done KYC with a 3rd party?

Tell us your token metrics:

What can we expect to see in terms of marketing and development in the coming days and weeks?

Decentralized Token Management Platform as a Service