Hash Logs — May Update

Introducing DxMint — a verified, audited custom token creation service without any coding required.

DxMint is our response to reduce presales not able to finalize & fraudulent token contracts being created and used on our open, decentralized launchpad. Every token minted using DxMint will also get a verified checkmark on our launchpad to notify contributors. Please note, you will still need to DYOR as the intentions of a token creator is always unknown. DxMint will get regular updates along with our other dApps and are available to all networks.

Additional Blockchain integration

In our vision to be chain agnostic and provide end-to-end services, we are now supporting Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, xDai for all our dApps

Buy Back & Burn of SALE token

The Manual buy & burn will be done proportionally to the liquidity provided on BSC and ETH. This is to benefit the SALE holders on ETH over BSC for the origination. 84% is in ETH Uniswap, 16% is in PCS BSC. Given the bridge is still being worked on, it isn’t feasible to withhold these amounts and so we will do our best to manually buy and burn every week at the following rates to provide consistent buy pressure.

2500 BNB total to burn for 12 weeks total. The 12 week is a worst-case scenario for the length we believe the Bridge and v3 will be pushed out on SALE platform.

208 BNB a week (174.72 BNB to ETH & 33.28 BNB) — USD value will defer based on BNB value.

Week 1- Proof of Burn



Upcoming Developments

  • DxMint — other verified tokens (burnable, frictionless, liquidity providing etc.) These tokens will make it easier for users to create their tokens without writing code. It will also allow them to better manage their presale and not run into issues when finalizing on our launchpad service. These tokens will also have a badge on their presale card when create a presale.
  • v3 — We are 70%~ done the development of v3, some features are being rolled out in the background on the UI front, contracts for buy and burn and others are also wrapping development, allowing developers to cancel their own presale will be available as well as anyone can cancel a presale after 2 days of it being “ready for finalized”. Meaning, projects that need to advertise after raising will have to execute within the 48 hours.
  • Bridge — 10% done — we are still in scoping phase as the team wanted to build out a token creation system to better funnel presales that don’t have issues that we see day to day on our support chats. This reduction will allow us to shift our focus more on bridge

We are hiring

  • Marketing/Growth Specialist — Looking for someone who is passionate, understands our vision and can lead efforts to bringing more awareness and reach of our products.
  • Community Manager, who is familiar with the platform and is able to answer and guide users to FAQs. Looking for a specific time zone 23:00–6:00 UTC.

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