Hash Logs — March

Dxstake.v1 will reward SALE stakers with 50% of all revenue earned irrespective of chain

Infinite Yield dApp based on the revenue and products onboarded to DxSale Ecosystem

One of DxSale’s philosophies is to allow anyone, regardless of age, demographic, gender, and status to create their crypto project. Anyone, regardless of how many SALE tokens they own, to participate in supporting a crypto project.

CZ Binance’s Twitter post that resonates with DxSale:

“… not too long ago, Binance (BNB) was a “high-risk investment.” Since then it has returned more than 200x to early investors. Imagine if those investors were not given the same opportunity just because we think some tokens are “too risky.”

Like CZ’s quote, there are projects that have launched through Dxsale.app, who wouldn’t have had the same opportunity on other launchpads due to higher barriers. There were both successful and unsuccessful crowdfundings on DxSale; however, every project launched that has successfully completed its IDO, has been listed automatically on swap dex with liquidity locked — ensuring the safety and security of investors. This covers the largest scam scenario termed a “Rug,” but there is still a lot of work to be done to help investors make even smarter decisions without limiting them to the ideals of centralization. Many launchpads are selective, our model is reversed — come one, come all and let’s build innovative, creative projects. DxSale’s role is to develop trustless processes so that investors don’t need doxing, interviews and KYC to invest and entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about their privacy, conflict of interests and can focus on the technology itself.

For this reason, DxSale has the lowest barrier of entry in terms of fees, it is the best way to promote others to build and provide the right tools to help the space mature in the long run. We are building the infrastructure of the Venture Capital of Cryptocurrency and this journey requires multiple years of building, and forever iterating.

Stats on BSC Launchpad

It’s been almost a month since we’ve integrated BSC, providing the ecosystems first Locker and Launchpad (verifiable through BSCscan). Here are the latest stats that we’ve built up so far.

  • 24 DeFi Presales
  • 7 Standard Presales
  • 31 Liquidity Lockers (Apart from launchpads)
  • 33 Token Locks
  • Launching on March 24th — DxStake updated to include Revenue Sharing — Integration with DxLaunch and DxLock, allowing revenue from both apps to be shared with stakers automatically.
  • Launching April 7th — ZIL Locker
  • Iterating on UI, instead of UI Overhaul to ensure we are innovating and building ahead.
  • Internal meeting this weekend for BSC & MATIC IDO — Dates will be announced as soon as the tokenomics are finalized. Bridge will be developed later.



Decentralized Token Management Platform as a Service

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