Hash Log — DxSale July Update

Focus on Native Token SALE across multiple networks

In May, DxSale announced an alteration to its tokenomics model to a buy and burn model to ensure the Native Token, SALE gets the proper attention it needed without slowing down the development team. Our strategy is to continue to find areas of opportunity to utilize SALE token in other parts of the ecosystem, as well as other ecosystem through partnerships. v3 is the beginning of this strategy to further grow out the ecosystem and bring utility to SALE token simultaneously. Even through bad market, the tokenomics of SALE has been resilient, we expect this to continue for 2021.

Metrics — 5,876,588.50 SALE Bought & Burned

Upcoming unlocks & actions

  1. Uniswap LP unlocking Aug 26th — We will be moving majority of our liquidity to Uniswap v3, Pancakeswap v2, while leaving some on Uniswap v2.
  2. Private Tokens — We have reached an agreement with our private token holders to have 5 million tokens vested for 5 years, vested 50 times (10 times per year), 100k SALE per vest.
  3. Future Development Fund— Once unlocked in Aug, half of these will be burned. The remaining will be locked for another year. Future of these tokens will then be re-evaluated upon unlock.
  4. Bridge Locked BSC SALE Tokens — These tokens will be deposited into the bridge contract.

Development Updates

Recent development updates

  • Kucoin Integration on DxSale
  • Whitelist features added
  • Listing rate of AMMs Prod fixed and redeployed
  • UI fixes and adjustments to protocol to increase quality on platform

v3 upgrades — Late Aug or Early Sept

  • Adding of 2 new dApps that resonate with the “token journey” and also provide additional options for entrepreneurs
  • Bring additional attention to native token within the dApp through a concise landing page
  • DxLaunch UI optimizations
  • DxLock UI optimizations & Search functionalities
  • DxMint additional tokens services
  • Audit Reporting on Presale (Third Party)
  • Automated Token Scanning Tool (Third Party)
  • Announcements which will increase utility for SALE token
  • Marketing efforts as v3 gets rolled out with Bridge


dApp — https://dxsale.app

docs — https://docs.dxsale.network

Telegram — https://t.me/dxsale

Business Development Contact — support@dxsale.network



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