DxStake — Decentralized Simple Staking in 10 Hours!

Final Testing is Complete! Get Ready to STAKE!

  • Based on Community Vote — The fee to Stake will be 2% and the fee to unstake will be 8%! This is our first step to bring utility to our users who believe in our vision. As more products ramp up and the utility of token increases, there will be more staking rewards and airdrops.
  • Please note: When we launch our future product, every transaction that uses SALE will have a percentage burned and a percentage sent to a treasury contract. This will be done to reward those who continue to stake on our platform.

Comments & Upcoming Events?

  • Team has been working tirelessly since pre-sale to bring value to the token. It’s important to note that burn out is a real thing with constrained resources (our dev wallets unlock in Nov). They will take a day or two to rest up and re-ignite themselves.
  • Exchange discussions are continuing and we will announce something shortly regarding bringing more ramps to buy SALE on decentralized and centralized exchanges!
  • Sept Monthly Product Update will occur sometime on the second week of October as all hands were on deck with DxStake development. Lots of exciting roadmap items and review of DxSale will be presented! Keep an eye on our youtube channel for posts -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDrVyjNivEdu7_cIA53B0cg



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