DxStake 1.5 Airdrop registration opens tomorrow

Understanding of the DxStake 1.5 features and limitations

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Feature of DxStake 1.5

Enter DxStake 1.5

  1. All Stakers must Register to be eligible for the initial revenue airdrop on DxStake app
  2. You will only need to register once to bootstrap this process with your wallet address. However, if your stake changes in the future, you will need to re-register to update the airdrop mapping. If you stake more, and fail to register the updated stake amount, you will still receive airdrops but only for your original registration amount. When you re-register, you will also claim your previous airdrops.
  3. Future revenue airdrops will not require a registration (unless your staking amount has changed). There is a time window (1 week) that we need to have for registration of initial airdrop. Anyone who doesn’t register within a week, will lose out on the pool of the first initial revenue airdrop.