DxSale X Apeswap


What is DxSale?

“DxSale is the largest decentralized IDO launchpad on BSC. We make it easy to mint and launch your IDO without requiring any coding knowledge, so you can focus on marketing & building your product. There are no barriers to creating an IDO, and there are many security features built in the DAO to save time and build assurance for project creators and investors.”

DxSale began on August 26th, 2020 and the progress of our platform has been incredible, the growth of the community and overall platform has been substantial. Our DAO supports 10 EVMs has managed to launch over 12,000 successful IDOs, helping to raise over 100 million with close to 500 TVL in lockers.

DxSale supports 10 Chains to easily create and launch your crypto project — visit dxsale.app today!

The vision of allowing anyone from anywhere to create, launch and monitor their own token has been fulfilled successfully! Through enablement of everyone, we’ve seen popular projects like SafeMoon, CumRocket, ElonGate, SavePlanetEarth and more! Our focus is now on building out enhancements on the platform, while also building out new dApps.

What is ApeSwap?

ApeSwap is one of the biggest BSC decentralized exchange platforms (number 4th at the moment). They have over 1,200,000 active users monthly and $338,572,037 in liquidity. Just in the last month, they added 19 new farms, 17 new pools, and 29 trading pairs with 1.5B in Monthly Trading Volume.

DxSale will be listing ApeSwap on our DAO to allow project owners to directly launch on Apeswap! This will provide an additional stream of possible liquidity to ApeSwap, we will continue our partnership through a SALE Farm and Pool in the future. We’ll work with Apeswap to find new potential opportunities! This will also allow ApeSwap IDOs to directly connect with DxSale team to determine if our DAO is a fit for their presale! This feature will be live on: Nov 24th, 16:00 UTC

We figured it was a good way to share the greatness of the platform’s tokenomics and gain more exposure with the use of another great platform. Don’t forget to follow us on https://dxsale.app and follow ApeSwap as well: https://twitter.com/ape_swap See you soon and always remember to DYOR!

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