DxSale — Burning & Final Supply

Presale and listing on uniswap is now complete, liquidity is locked. 240 ETH locked in liquidity

Details on Burning & Unlocking

As part of our values to stay as transparent as possible, here are the details of the tokens that will be burned.

Token Supply

  • Current Circulating supply for SALE is (Presale + Liquidity) = 13,763,486.78 SALE Tokens
  • 50% of Private tokens will be locked for extended period of time (we are currently negotiating the timeline). The other 50% of the private tokens will be locked until Sept 2nd
  • November Circulating Supply will then become (Presale + Liquidity + 50% of Private + newly unlocked team funds) = 34,050,458 SALE Token



Decentralized Token Management Platform as a Service

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