Hash Logs — February

Retrospective — What has been done?

  • DxLocker integration on ETH & BSC network
  • DxLaunch integrated with BSC network — becoming the first decentralized Launchpad and Locker in the market
  • DxSale.app banner updates and UI tweaks.
  • Multiple AMAs across telegram has begun and will continue!

Users are now able to mint or import their ERC-20 or BEP-20 token and raise capital, lock automatically and list on Uniswap or PancakeSwap by using our DAO form in minutes. Currently, we are the first mover in building an end to end token journey platform as a service to the open market. With limited bandwidth we are tweaking the UI as we continue to build as well.

What’s Next Strategically?

Our strategy is to build a token management PaaS to help foster the token economy across all chains. However, DxSale.app is just the beginning of a greater plan to enable a capital market ecosystem within the crypto economy.

With this in mind our strategies are:

  1. Build and integrate dxsale.app
  2. Generate new product line businesses that supports our vision.
  3. Iterations on current live beta products to further enhance the experience.

What’s Next Tactically? — Road to 10 Million MCAP.

  1. We have announced a partnership with Polygon(Matic) to facilitate their strategic direction of being the internet of blockchains. With Dxsale.app enthusiasts of Polygon will feel empowered to start a venture as it will become tremendously easy to do so. The Matic Launchpad, Locker & Listing to QuickSwap rollout has been announced
  2. We also have integrated on BSC chain — providing a tool for anyone looking to quickly get going on BSC and with auto locking and listing to pancakeswap, investors don’t need to worry about rugs on projects launched on Dxsale.app. We are working on a bridge to bring over liquidity of SALE token and provide a pool farm to PancakeSwap.
  3. We have completed an internal demo of Dxlock to ZIL team & are in-flight to finish development on DxLaunch to ZIL.


2020 has been a struggle for marketing for DxSale due to anonymity and general FUD. However, DxSale focuses on the tech and lets our professional acumen speak for itself. Since Aug 2020, DxSale vision to be blockchain agnostic in providing valuable services that are based off of traditional capital market industry today are starting to pay off. This has allowed us to gain professional enterprise awareness of our project. 2021 hasn’t looked brighter for DxSale in terms of professional partnerships and development. It had allowed us to continue to focus on building the right tools for the token economy. Build it and they will come approach has never been more true for dxsale.app.

Since the dApp is now live, Marketing will now become consistent to reach users looking to get going fast and save them effort in launching tokens so they can focus 100% on the project itself. AMAs & Articles have started, initiative to build a global community is also being worked on. We are looking for a professional video and graphic artist to help speed up the educational gap of cryptocurrency & DxSale.

We are also building a strategy to attract new developers outside of crypto that are interested in crypto to utilize our platform as a service.

Road to 100 Million MCAP.

Multiple new dApps & features have been brainstormed that reflect our vision to further enable the token economy and grow out the infrastructure of the Crypto Capital Market Ecosystem. These ideas will become more defined and placed in the backlog for further refinement and prioritization. Stay tuned.




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