DxLaunchpad & Locker is now Live on Polygon (Previously Matic)

DxSale becomes the first decentralized launchpad and token service on Polygon/Matic with its third integration.


We are officially LIVE on Matic/Polygon!

DxSale becomes the first decentralized launchpad and locker on the Matic Network! check our dxsale.app!

DxSale is a platform that caters to all users, regardless of their technical acumen, to accelerate and accurately manage their venture into crypto. With each crowdsale completion, locking, liquidity & listing to a DEX are done through automation to provide assurance and reliability to investors.

We will now work with Matic/Poly to educate users about the potential of both platforms.

Next Steps

We are working through multiple priorities and are working on Zil integration, BSC bridge, governance system, UI incremental improvements, Roadmap updates and more… Follow us on Twitter & Telegram to stay up to date!

Socials & Resources

Twitter — https://twitter.com/dxsale

Telegram — https://t.me/dxsale



DxSale - Building Crypto Venture Capital ecosystem

Decentralized Token Management Platform as a Service