Dx-Sale Pre-Sale Completed

Not a Rug, Not a Scam — We are still here, working to build out our vision — Live on Uniswap!

We raised 484 ETH in total. 240 ETH is locked in liquidity for Uniswap.

Our Bold Vision

We are DxSale — We are looking to re-imagine the $131 billion dollar venture capital ecosystem through the use of blockchain. The ICO phase of 2017 gave birth to a new opportunity, allowing everyone regardless of position in society, geographical location to become angel investors and entrepreneurs.However with all revolutionary change, there are a group of actors looking to take advantage of the system in place; Scammers, Low effort projects, Mismanagement of money etc. Through this action, majority of centralized exchanges adopted a launchpad, bringing in reliability and assurance that any project launched under their wing would be a good project. However this centralized control means, not everyone can become an angel investor or an entrepeneur, the barrier to entry is very high. At DxSale we are looking to adopt the philosophies of ICO (permissionless, no-kyc, decentralized) and centralized launchpads (reliability, seed round funding/unlocking) to build a new standard called DCVCF (Decentralized Crypto Venture Capital Funding). DCVCF will be the first decentralized, DAO that has a built in governance system that will be interactable with our DxSale Platform to show its value. We will partner with other decentralized exchanges lacking a launchpad that would be interested in adopting this standard. The goal of DxSale is to create a new, better standard that will minimize bad and scam projects and help evolve the reputation and maturity of the crypto industry.

What’s Next?

  1. We will be creating a liquidity pool on Uniswap
  2. Locking Liquidity through Unicrypt
  3. Burning proportionately based on what wasn’t raised.
  4. We will be doing our monthly update on what we are working on and progress of the overall project on our youtube channel — This will cover any update on partnership, product design, development, new ideas and our own AMA for our community. Stay Tuned!



Decentralized Token Management Platform as a Service

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