April Hash Log — 3rd Airdrop, v3 Upgrade and more!

Quick update on what’s happening at DxSale.Network

The Journey — Enabling everyone without limiting anyone

with over +500 tickets resolved in a month, community growth over 10x, we are on-route to a stronger decentralized platform with v3.

DxLaunch.v3 | DxLock v.2 is now being scoped | DxStake is now being decommissioned for a cross-chain, scalable utility solution.

Scope of items for next upgrade

  • BSC isn’t as fast as it needs to be, the filters system that we had upgraded needs a new approach so that users don’t have to wait long to filter between, active, inactive, success, and failed presales.
  • We are now using a project and service desk tools to manage production tickets. Two common tickets that need to be addressed on the v3 contracts side of DeFi launchpad. Link to our form
  1. Presale Cancel — This scenario occurs when developer isn’t able to finalize the crowdsale contract because of his custom token and requires a Dx Developer to action the cancel presale that’s on our DAO. We will build a decentralized version of this, allowing the community to decide together.
  2. Refund — When IDOs fail, the BNB is stuck there and not claimable until DxTeam actions it with a refund function.
Stats from Intake Form
  • We’ve also received additional feedback and ideas that we will prioritize against our existing v3 features backlog to get an idea of the size of the release, how much work is required for each item and timeline. Ideas are promoted cards, reputation systems, scanning tools, peer-audits, marketing assistance, flexible lockers withdrawals, gifting of lockers, whitelisting launchpads and much more.

Next Milestones — stability to SALE token & platform so we can focus on our next venture dApp & features.

Moving from staking to a Buy/Burn model

ETH-BSC Bridge

v3 Upgrade status

  • Decentralized Cancel & Refund solutioning has been completed and we are on-route for development
  • Buy & Burn model is still being analyzed to determine best solution
  • Smart Contract scanning tool integration for BSC — deal is being finalized with a vendor
  • Decrease in filtering loading time on the contract side
  • UX additions (connect network drop down, Sidebar information, DxLocker Improvements)

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